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Some Villages have a single,possibly paid, office manager or executive director.  Others uses a rotating cadre of volunteers called "Call Managers" working from their own homes.  This page describes what steps are needed in the second case.  With only a single person involved, complete documentation is not as necessary, and some steps could be skipped.
  1. Make the Village phone number ring in your house. There is a one-time procedure to set up the computer to use this feature Set up phone and briefer procedure to switch the phone Switch Phones    
  2. Read the Shift Notes from the previous shift.  Start a new set of notes for the day of your shift if one has not been started already.Shift Notes
  3. Review Voice Mail Messages from either members or volunteers to see who has called since the last shift. Voicemail. After acting on a message, add a note indicating that it has been dealt with.
  4. Read email sent to Call Managersemail. After dealing with an email, move the email to the Processed folder to clear the inbox.
  5. Find priority services.  View the Member Services Screen to determine the requested service requests that will need priority action. Service Requests  Set the status to "Requested" and the date range to the next few days.  Email or call for volunteers.
  6. Check for services filled online. View the Member Services Screen pending service requests and call the member to let them know.Service Requests Set the status to "Pending" and the date range to "all future dates".


A.  Enter Service Requests.

B.  Register members for events. Register a Member
C. Take requests for membership.  Potential Member  Add information to the non-member database with a category of "Potential Member".  Send an email to the membership committee and note the information in the shift notes.

D, E, F.  Use the member services screen to find services to be filled and to notify members of volunteers for their service requests.Service Requests  
D:  Set the status filter to "Requested" and set the date range filter for the next few day.  Search for any unfilled, (high priority) services and make phone calls or send emails to fill those services.
E: Set the status filter to "Pending" and the date range filter to "All future dates".  These services have been filled online.  Call the members to let them know.

Call managers staff our office.  They run the Village on a daily basis, and are the voice of the Village when the public calls.  They answer the phones, deal with emails, and coordinate services for members and event registrations.

Office duties include:

  • Answering calls and emails to the Village,
  • Accepting member requests for services,
  • Registering members for events,
  • Talking to members of the public who call about membership,
  • Matching volunteers with service requests,
  • Informing members about volunteers who have offered to help them,
  • Managing changes to service requests,
  • Accepting and either acting on or referring communications from the general public, members or volunteers about the Village.


         Easthampton Neighbors is a proud member of the Village to Village Network