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Supporting Our Seniors At Home
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Outreach may be the responsibility of an administrator with volunteer help, or an all-volunteer committee. This can be a single committee or a series of subcommittees as the workload demands.   This group identifies branding, messaging, and develops strategies to explain how Village meets the needs of older adults in order to grow the membership, increase the donor base, & inform the public on older adult issues. The Team also oversees the website, social media, and print media.

Public outreach

Conduct regular meetings for the public explaining the Village concept. Libraries, senior centers, churches, synagogues, rotaries, chambers of commerce, and newcomers clubs are all possible venues.  Solicit invitations to speak to other organizations. Some Villages create a "speakers bureau" to fill these needs.  The goal is to recruit members, volunteers and donors. Meetings aim to sign up potential volunteers and members.   

Place outreach meetings on the Village calendar 
Add Event 

Bring sign up sheets and after the meeting enter contact information into the non-member database as potential members, potential volunteers, and/or potential donors.  
Record contact data 
Take photos at these events for use in the newsletter.  
Save Photos

Press relations.

Announcements (PSAs) for local radio, TV, cable access, and news websites. Keep documents in the library. Outreach Documents  Monitor news articles about the village and place on Village website News / Articles  Save contact information for press releases in the non-member database with a category of press. 

Emailing members, volunteers, and others.
The emailing administration module allows you to send emails to the whole membership or smaller groups of members. If Status is 'Draft', the email has not yet been sent. Sent emails cannot be edited but they can be copied. Click the Add Emailing button to create a new email. Click Distribution Lists to add, edit, or delete predefined emailing distribution listsEmail administration

Publish membership/volunteer newsletters.

A monthly or quarterly newsletter will keep members, volunteers and the public informed about progress of the Village.  

The simplest way to publish the newsletter is to create it with MS Word or MS Publisher, save a PDF version, and attach it to an email.  Save the PDF file in the library and add  link to it on a web page  or menu listing all previous newsletters.

Another way to publish your newsletter is to write it as a custom web page.  Then generate a brief email and place a link to your custom page.  

Finally, you can write the newsletter with the email editor and send it out as an html file.  This approach does not require the reader to click on anything to see the newsletter, but makes it harder to retain the newsletters for future reading.

Email administration


Create and maintain website content. This involves coordination with the other committees.Add/edit website pages  
Maintain the Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ  

Coordinate overall publicity.

Keep track of news about the Village and post on website.News / Articles


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