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Volunteer Coordination

If your Village offers services to members, you will require many volunteers to perform theses services and finding and enrolling volunteers is a significant activity.  This page outlines the process for enrolling volunteers. The team identifies services that can be supported and services providers, recruits volunteers, and implements plans for volunteer retention and appreciation in order to provide needed services to assist members.


Once we have a name and an e-mail address, we enter them into the non-member database as a prospective volunteer, and send them a welcome letter thanking them for their interest in volunteering including an application and an invitation to the next orientation meeting. 
Send Email
Copy the sample volunteer welcome email.
Orientation meetings are scheduled periodically, usually once per month.  Use the event manager to copy a previous orientation meeting with a new date or add a new one to the calendar.  
Schedule Orientation
A week before the orientation meeting send an email to all potential volunteers reminding them about the next volunteer orientation. Copy the sample volunteer orientation invitation email.  Send Email

When we receive a completed application with the supporting materials (copy of license and proof of insurance), we update the database via the service provider screen.  Usually this occurs after the orientation meeting.  The information entered includes contact data, services the volunteer will provide, and schedule data.
Service Providers

At the orientation we describe the Village, its mission, and how volunteering works.
Volunteer Orientation Presentation
New volunteers are asked to read the volunteer handbook.
Volunteer Handbook
Volunteers learn about us from many sources.  One of the first questions we ask is how did they hear about us.

As a new volunteer is vetted, we update their status via the service providers screen.  

Volunteers enter their information for background checks. We review the results. View background check results.
Details: After a volunteer attends the orientation meeting, remove them from the potential volunteer category, and add them to the new volunteer category.  This prevents them from being invited to future orientation meetings and flags that they need a follow up phone call after two weeks or so.  After that phone call is made, remove the new volunteer category flag and update any notes in the volunteer's record.


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